Hi I’m Bernard. Thanks for Stopping by!

I’m what you’d call a man of few words because I tend to communicate through camera lenses. My words are light and shadow and my speeches consist of moments frozen in time. Armed with my trusty camera, I strive to create story-driven lifestyle photography that conveys everything I have to say about myself and relationships with each of my clients, as well as the world around me.

Novi Sad is home when I’m not travelling. When I embark on a journey, it’s usually to pursue my passion and assignments proposed by fascinatingly creative people I come in contact with every day. I consider myself incredibly blessed to be where I am today, but it wasn’t a straightforward trip.

Before I got into photography I was a graphic designer which, among other things, entailed me to act as a middle man between the client and the photographer. As it was time consuming to explain exactly what my client wanted to a photographer, I took up my first camera and began researching various techniques. After navigating through the dense woods of basic pointers and guidelines on how to manipulate light, I emerged onto the clearing as a newborn photographer, and the air never tasted the same. I quit graphic design and never looked back!

When I’m not working (or writing about myself), I try to dedicate myself to friends and family back home. In spite of this, no matter how leisurely I get, I’m occupied with bringing something fresh to my clients. I draw every breath through this vivid world of light and shadows, it’s the stuff of dreams, the beat of every waking hour, and a way of life.